Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sic Semper Tyrannus on the Russian Federation...

via Sic Semper Tyrannus...
SANCTIONS. According to the UN rapporteur, sanctions and counter-sanctions cost the EU US$3.2 billion a month; the Russian economy has lost US$55 billion in total. He calculates the total cost to both at US$155 billion. In short, he agrees that Europe has been hit much harder than Russia and certainly much more than the USA. Perhaps that was the real point: Washington's "overriding strategic objective the prevention of a German-Russian alliance". NOTE: I would really love an explanation of how a figure of 3.2 for the EU, and 55 for Russia equals 155 for both.  Any ideas gents?
 AMERICA-HYSTERICA. All the reasons why the Russia-election-interference story is bunkum. Not least of which is the remarkable inactivity of the FBI: for example "The FBI has never questioned Assange [he confirms that] or Murray" and neither has it ever looked at the DNC servers. Nonetheless, every time you think the hysteria has gone as far as it can, it goes a bit farther: Morgan Freeland joins the circus. Bershidsky trashes the latest nonsense. One can hope that it's finally jumped the shark.
His article is here. 

I see an opportunity with Russia.  Many agree.  But something is going on in Syria that is outside the fight with ISIS.

What that is I can't be sure, but one thing is apparent.  The short term goal of "molding" the Middle East is jeopardizing our bigger security threat...China.

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