Monday, September 11, 2017

Thales Introduces the F90MBR Modular Assault Rifle

via Defense Update.
Thales is launching the F90MBR – a new assault rifle at DSEI 2017. The weapon represents a new generation of the F90 currently in service with the Australian Defence Force. The Modular Bullpup Rifle is NATO interoperable and is suited to support the modern integrated solider systems. At a total weight of 3.25 kg it is one of the lightest weapons of its class. NATO compatibility is supported by the tri-rail system and magazine compatibility, that ensures interoperability with existing NATO weapons and ammunition. It is fitted with ambidextrous controls to enable fast reaction times and rapid target engagement.
Story here. 

Bullpups.  Everyone is so hot about bullpups but outside of Personal Defensive Weapons for Aircrew, maybe Tankers and select other personnel they make no sense.  Even worse?  They're always bulkier than a normal battle rifle.

To each his own I guess but we know the real deal.  The Aussies are gonna probably go with that Canadian company that sells a M4 clone or HK that does the same.

For better or worse the M4/M-16 has won the rifle wars for at least the next 20 years.

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