Friday, September 29, 2017

The French disaster relief efforts off St. Martin...their Navy is leading the effort...

I can't make the call on whether or not the French, British and other European countries that are responding to the HA/DR incident on islands in the Caribbean, but I can say that the visuals are definitely better.

No interservice rivalry, but why is a US Army General leading our work?

The French put their Navy in the lead and you can see the results.  L-CATs are making sorties to and from the beach like clockwork (can't lie...these images make me reassess my thinking on that landing craft).  The BPC Mistral Class of ships are looking like winners in every sense of the word and don't cost a metric shit ton of money to purchase.

I posted a video of an Air Force General stating that we've lost the ability to go fast.  Our response to the crisis in Puerto Rico proves how right he was.

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