Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Singaporean Army, the most technologically advanced in the region got a warning about being high tech.

via Senang Diri
On 27 July, it was reported that 300 drones failed to fly during a National Day Parade rehearsal the previous Saturday (22 Jul'17) due to a technical problem with the GPS guidance.

Also on 27 July, social media reported that an app linked to the SGSecure movement - which aims to raise the level of security awareness and national resilience among people in Singapore - had earned a dismal One Star rating (Five Stars reflect the best user experience). This was after citizen soldiers complained of being coerced into downloading an app which they found had little relevance or value.

That same day, Amazon Prime was launched in Singapore. Within 24 hours of its launch, a flurry of complaints marred the online shop as customers vent their frustrations that Amazon Prime failed to fulfil its promised two-hour delivery window.

A bruising week for technology in Singapore, no doubt.
Story here. 

In light of the recent natural disasters in the US and the rush by all US services to become even MORE tech heavy I think this serves as a warning to us all.

Tech makes our lives easier but it also makes us more vulnerable.  The same applies to warfare.  The search continues for push button, painless war. But I believe it is not to be.

 Robert A. Heinlein saw this coming and warned about it in a subtle way with Starship Troopers (the book, not the movie...the training in the book was brutal...we need a real deal movie adoption of the book!), Singapore got that warning in July.

Hopefully we'll get it in peacetime and not war.

NOTE: Senanag Diri gives a cleansing statement at the end of his article saying that this tech is necessary.  I agree to a certain point.  Past that point (and I don't know what it is) and the extra juice just leaves you open to enemy action...either cyber, kinetic or both.

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