Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Trump says if Congress can't solve DACA he will revisit the issue. Vacillation is weakness personified!

Simply amazing.

Trump had his Attorney General announce his decision on DACA and Congress was in a box.  He had them right where he wanted them.  He overturned an illegal executive order and gave the legislative branch six months to fix it.  If they failed then they would suffer the blame.


Just a few minutes ago Trump stated VIA TWEET that if Congress couldn't solve DACA he would revisit the issue.

Want to know a trait of a weak leader?  Vacillation!

Vacillation is weakness personified and Trump just demonstrated that trait in spades. I'm disgusted. I'm not amused.  I'm miffed.  Kelly should council the bastard to make a decision.  Right or wrong just make a fucking decision!  Excuse me while I punch a wall.

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