Thursday, September 21, 2017

Turkey launches military operation against Kurds...

via Kurdistan 24
- Turkish authorities imposed a round-the-clock curfew in 46 villages in the major Kurdish province of Diyarbakir as the army launched a vast operation on Thursday against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the area.

Diyarbakir's Ankara-appointed governor's office in a press release on its website said the mountainous region and forests around the districts of Kulp, Lice, Hazro, and Silvan where the villages are located served as a bastion for the Kurdish fighters.

The governorate statement read that the operation's objective was "to neutralize high-ranking terrorists, capture their accomplices, and destroy their shelters, anti-aircraft positions, and arms depots."
Story here. 

A few things....

*  Interesting that the Turks are referring to anti-aircraft positions.  It's also a warning for the Corps.  Depend on air power and your enemy will adapt.  Remember we're talking about what the Turks call a terror organization yet it has a NATO member's airpower held in check.

*  I don't think this will be successful.  The PKK is the Turkish version of the can't stop them as long as they can run across the border into Syria or Iraq.

*  The battlefield in Syria and Iraq continues to become even more crowded. This is what happens when you don't act to win a war but only to continue military operations.  This thing has been going on too long.  It defies all reason.  It's beyond obvious that killing terrorists is not the objective (spare me your theories...I've heard them all).

It's a terrible thing when you have a NATO member going against a supposed terror group and you don't know who to cheer for.

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