Sunday, September 03, 2017

War politics. US planes block route agreed on by Russia/Syria for ISIS fighters.

via Reuters.
 U.S.-led warplanes on Wednesday blocked a convoy of Islamic State fighters and their families from reaching territory the group holds in eastern Syria and struck some of their comrades traveling to meet them, a coalition spokesman said.

The strikes were aimed at stopping an evacuation deal for Islamic State fighters to leave their enclave on the Lebanon-Syria border for areas they hold in eastern Syria, arranged by the Lebanese Hezbollah group and the Syrian army.

It was part of a ceasefire agreed after offensives last week by the Lebanese army on one front, and the Syrian army and Hezbollah on another, that pushed Islamic State back into a small part of its enclave straddling the frontier.
Story here. 

Have you been keeping up with this drama?  I have and don't know what to make of it.

No.  This isn't slamming US actions.

This is about me being confused by all the twists and turns in this conflict.

None of this makes any sense.  The US allows ISIS oil trucks to go thru without any complaint.  Some believe that these oil shipments helped fuel ISIS during the hey-day of their rampage.

Then we have the Russians and Syrians agreeing to let ISIS escape after they've been involved in some pretty brutal fighting.  They have the bastards cornered and they let them go instead of raining the most massive artillery barrage in the history of man?

I don't understand the fighting in Syria/Iraq and neither do you.  We're seeing geo-political gamesmanship on the next level.

What I'd like to know is what is the desired end state.  Obviously the US still has a policy of trying to rid Syria of Assad but what else is going on???

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