Monday, September 18, 2017

Warhammer News. Another show of force? Has the war in N. Korea already begun?

Another weekend, another show of force.

Simply amazing.

These things have been happening with such frequency that I have to wonder. Are they giving away the game plan?

Think about it.

I know for a fact I've become numb to these shows of force and I'm sure the N. Koreans have been jumping thru hoops every time they get placed on alert because they see a flight of B-1s escorted by Japanese and S. Korean fighters heading for their borders.

Considering the fact that they're probably a hair away from being on a full wartime footing to repel an assault on their leader and nuke facilities this has to be wearing on their forces.

From my chair that means two things...both disturbing.

1.  The Pentagon is already probing N. Korean defenses.  Every "show of force" gets the North to light up radars and drop their drawers.  They're mapping defenses installations and anti-air sites.  They're getting communication intel. They're doing their very best to map command and control facilities.  I'd bet my left nut that at every "show of force" we have ELINT up in the air gathering everything possible.

2.  This is a guess but I bet that one sleepy weekend this winter this show of force becomes kinetic.  No ground assault, no fancy missile bombardment.  A simple looking show of force that drops a few bombs on a few key sites then its Katy bar the door.  Everything and every plane will suddenly pop into the air for maybe 72 hours of max effort and then its over.

That's my guess but if I'm right then they're already "shaping the battlefield". The war in N. Korea has already begun...

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