Sunday, September 03, 2017

WarHammer News. A few things aren't adding up with this N. Korea missile crisis (the latest episode at least)!

I've been watching coverage of the N. Korean nuclear test and a few things just aren't adding up and NO ONE is asking the questions.  What do I mean?

1.  We've always gotten word of an upcoming nuke test BEFORE it happens. This time nada.  Complete silence until the US Geological Agency registered the ground shake.

2.  Mattis just made a statement and Dunford stood with him before the gaggle of reporters this afternoon.  Whatever is being planned it's being driven by the Pentagon, and the State Dept is nowhere to be found.

3.  How did N. Korea suddenly make these huge jumps in nuclear weapons tech in just the time that Trump has been in office?  That "warning" from Obama to Trump wasn't a case of Obama playing Nostradamus, he knew something...the US intel agencies knew something along with the Dept of Defense and no one told us (the public).

4.  They're reaching for the sanctions card?  Seriously?  Head over to the US Treasury Dept's sanctions list.  It's damn near legion already.  N. Korea is for the most part self contained and the people that we need to get onboard have their own agendas.  With Russia we can probably bargain.  It would take swallowing a bit of crow and forcing Congress to get head out of ass but lifting sanctions on them for Ukraine and getting their assistance with N. Korea seems possible (probably take alot of work but war on the peninsula is the price of failure).  The wild card are those damn Chinese.  They're playing all hands against each other and doing the "smile in your face stab you in the back thing".  China needs to be punished to get them onboard but that would take starting a trade war.  The good thing if they have the balls to follow thru with it?  It could weaken the current Chinese leader and destroy their economy (ours will take a big hit too and suburbanites will whine about not getting their widgets but I don't really care).

Something is off with this whole crisis.

It's almost like N. Korea wants the fight and so does the US.

Prediction stands.  Bombs start dropping and missiles start launching in winter late this year/early next.

Note.  Gotta find the article but supposedly there was talk of a limited strike against high profile installations that they hoped wouldn't lead to a larger war. I'll try and find it.

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