Thursday, September 28, 2017

Warhammer News. The messaging campaign is working.

via Roll Call.
Nearly half of the Americans believe the tough rhetoric between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea is more than just a war of words, a new poll shows.

Close to 50 percent of the 1,500 people polled in the latest Economist/YouGov survey believed Trump “actually means to attack North Korea” while 45 percent believe Kim intends to do the same to the United States.

The rest of those polled on those questions were relatively split between “just talking tough” and “not sure” hovering between 24 and 29 percent.

Harsh rhetoric between Trump and Kim has escalated in recent weeks in response to Pyongyang’s development of long-range missiles and nuclear arms programs.
Story here. 

The first step is done.  Get the American people to believe that the threat of war is real.  Next step is to develop the justification.

The plan is working.  The schedule is on track.  My prediction holds.  The US will launch a STRIKE (or series of strikes) this winter (late this year, early next).

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