Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What happens to the production numbers if the current F-35B's aren't upgraded?

Check this out from Wikipedia.
Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, General James Amos has said that, in spite of increasing costs and schedule delays, there is no plan B to the F-35B.[360] The F-35B is larger than the aircraft it replaces, which required USS America to be designed without well deck capabilities.[361] In 2011, the USMC and USN signed an agreement by which the USMC will purchase 340 F-35B and 80 F-35C fighters, while the USN will purchase 260 F-35Cs. The five squadrons of USMC F-35Cs will be assigned to Navy carriers; F-35Bs will be used on amphibious ships and ashore.[277][278]
My question is simple.

The Program Office Chief has stated that the Block 2 is not combat capable. Former Commandant and current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Dunford said that the F-35B with Block 2 IS COMBAT CAPABLE.

So what happens to the numbers programmed to be bought?

The USMC is suppose to get 340, so are these jets that are currently operating simply "demonstration" models and won't count against that figure or do they count against the number and the number bought is in essence going to have to be increased.

Wait.  That sounds like the same thing, but that's what we have with the modern Pentagon.

I hate the fact that you can't talk about this shit plainly but have to enter the world of legalize to even discuss it but we are where we are.

In short.

Is 340 the number and the current jets can be deducted from the total or is the 340 the number of REAL combat capable jets as the Program Manager states it which means that the Marine Corps' buy of the plane hasn't even begun yet?

Yeah.  It's clear as mud.  Read between the lines cause I can't even begin to figure out how to ask it any better.

My guess is that they're gonna state that the real buy of the jets hasn't even begun so that means that every jet the US military has already bought isn't worth anything except money for Lockheed.

Concurrency has COMPLETELY failed.  I predict the F-35 fanclub will be saying....

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