Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why do I have to constantly explain this? Forcible Entry is work! There are no shortcuts or easy ways!

I was reading the comments and once again I see the same tired, boring, bullshit argument being pushed.  How are you going to get the Landing Force to the beach in an A2/AD environment.

The answer is simple but lets wait while we examine the problem.

HQMC sold the idea that we needed to launch from over the horizon in order to successfully land the Landing Force.  Bullshit on a plate.  The reality?  I'll believe till my dying day that was simply a push to get more MV-22's bought.

It also negated the ability of critics (like me) to argue that a regular, less
expensive helicopter could fill the bill (something like the AW101 or S-92).

Did anyone raise the issue of long range anti-air?  Nope.  Did anyone raise the issue of long range anti-ship missiles that could reach out over 100 miles to strike ship BEYOND the horizon?  Nope.

Now back to the REAL answer.

We will do as we HAVE ALWAYS DONE!  Just like the former Navy Chief of Operations said...the Navy WILL roll back enemy defenses!

It's just that damn simple.

Also consider this.  The USMC is redesigning itself to face a problem that in reality doesn't exist.  The fight to get to the beach is just one small part of the problem.

Once you get ashore is when the real fight by the USMC  starts.  That's when you will fight terrorists that have almost combined arms teams consisting of artillery, tanks, and light vehicles bristling with machine guns.

If we fight a peer opponent then the threat goes up dramatically.

In either case the answer is the same.  The Navy will get us to the ashore.  It is our job to win the fight once we're feet dry.

Oh and the same applies to every other form of forcible entry.  The Marine Corps consists of 3 divisions.  The Army in essence has almost TWO Airborne Divisions of personnel AND an Air Assault Division.

They are just like the Marine Corps.  If an airborne op is called for then it will take a massive effort against a peer opponent.  You can probably double that effort its a Heliborne Assault with the 101st!

The focus of Marine Corps planners SHOULD be to enhance the MEU and our world beating MARINE AIR GROUND TASK FORCE!  All this talk of company landing teams, Lightning Carriers, MV-22 deep raids and such is fantasy.

Real world operations that are carried out following such idiocy will see body bags filled.

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