Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Why does the military have high recruitment standards? Because the poorly educated die at a higher rate!

Forgive the title.  I struggle to find a socially acceptable way of saying things.

Ignoring that and moving on.  Many wonder why the military has high recruiting standards?  Consider this exhibit number one.  It also shows why professional forces are prized over conscripts.

This will be the next "fight" that the professional military faces.  It will face a struggle to be inclusive and people will die because of it.

Don't get me wrong.  The recruiting pool should be as wide and deep as possible but it should not come at the expense of combat effectiveness OR just to satisfy a societal need to be seen as "doing the right thing".

Warfare isn't about right and wrong.  Those concepts are subject to opinion and vary widely.  Combat is about winning on the field of battle.

McNamara's Morons might be replaced by Obama's He-She's.

History warns of the dangers of putting people into service that are not fit for duty.  Will we learn from the past or repeat those mistakes and get people killed?  I'm betting on people dying who shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Note.  I have absolutely nothing against the transgendered. The few I've met are some of the finest individuals I've ever seen and have been genuinely good people.  Additionally they shouldn't get their throat punched just because of their choices.  But again, their viewpoint or personal fiction should not become part of the policy debate.  This debate isn't about a person's worth. It's about how they can contribute to the fight.

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