Friday, September 01, 2017

The Marine Corps! 4th AABn are rockstars at the Hurricane Harvey rescue events.

A day or so ago I posted a vid of 4th AABn driving thru the streets of Houston doing God's work in helping to save lives in Houston.  I went a step further and stated that if you want to sell the Marine Corps then this is the pulse point to hit in future advertising.

It would go a bit like this.  Classic Marine Corps music comes online with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor appearing on screen and then you see intense footage of Marine involved in combat overseas.  After 20 seconds or so of that imagery it would switch to Marines driving AAVs in Houston or flying UH-1Ys doing hoist operations.

Over all of that the narrator would say.  From winning battles in far off saving lives here at home...Marines run to the sound of chaos.  Do you have what it takes to be one of us?  The few.  The proud.  The Marines!

Why am I so sold on this "ad campaign"?  Check out the vids below.  This is when you strike!  Not only for recruiting but for budget sake!

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