Wednesday, September 06, 2017

You worried about Irma? I'm thinking about Tropical Depression 13!

Everyone in Florida and off the East Coast is going batshit over Hurricane Irma.  Understandable.  That storm is looking like a monster.  A Category 5?

Yeah.  That's gonna hurt.

I notice that the Marine Corps is being a bit proactive this time and that MEU 26 is forming up for future taskings with Irma or to take part in the clean up in Houston.

They might want to hold off a bit though.  If they jump too quick and sail to the Virgin Islands they might miss out on a bigger need on the continental US.

Am I saying leave the Virgin Islands to its own devices?  Yes.  Yes I am.  Limited resources say that you must prioritize.  Which is gonna need more help?  The VI or a couple of major cities in Florida if this storm hits full strength?

Anyway, everyone is going crazy over Irma but I'm keeping my eye on Tropical Depression 13.

Is this climate change?  Don't know, don't think so.  Why?  Because we've had virtually storm free seasons for the past couple of years.  I consider this another part of the cycle.  Bad storms in the past like the one that practically wiped Galveston off the map, or Katrina, or Andrew were never blamed on climate change so I'm not in favor of making that leap today.

We'll see what happens but spare me your idiocy about people building and living where they do.  Mother Nature spares no one.  Every country, region and place on the face of the planet will bow to the power of the environment.

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