Tuesday, October 17, 2017

British MPs upset about F-35B price, vertical landing and LM public relations campaign!

via Portsmouth.co.uk
The defence committee grilled bosses from Lockheed Martin over the firm’s lacklustre response to claims the new jets would bust budgets and be too heavy to land vertically, safely, on the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers. It comes after claims made by The Times earlier this year, which prompted the committee’s hearing. Responding, top leaders of the company from the UK and US said the jets were capable of landing on Britain’s new supercarrier and they were confident the price would drop as production continues. Justifying its inaction over claims by The Times, Peter Ruddock, Lockheed Martin’s UK chief executive, said the company did not respond to every one of its critics as it was ‘counter-productive’. He added the fears raised by the newspaper ‘weren’t an issue’. But this outraged MP Ruth Smeeth, who lambasted the firm for its public relations blunder and not issuing a ‘one-line’ response. ‘If we’re at a point where the general public believe that these new aircraft can’t land on the aircraft carrier, then something has gone very, very wrong with your communications plan,’ she said. Responding, Jeff Babione, executive vice-president and general manager of the F-35 programme, said a letter had gone into the paper. But he said: ‘We probably could have done a better job.’
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So it seems that the British Govt is well aware of the debate that is going on with the F-35 and they're pissed that Lockheed Martin doesn't have a better PR campaign to battle the basement dwellers!

Freaking awesome!

Time to reassess.

I've been told several times that bloggers and bad press doesn't matter one bit with the F-35.  I believed it to be true.  I was wrong!

British MPs can't be losing their lunch over this little issue.  Something has to be brewing in the background that is making them mighty nervous.

They talked about two issues.  Landing on an aircraft carrier and price.  Lockheed only responded to the price coming down in the future with increased production.  What is going on with the F-35B's vertical landing? Are we missing something huge?  As far as price that's yet to be determined they won't build as many as they have programmed so we'll see what that ends up being but on that alone we're looking at a death spiral...especially with the program continuing to slip.

This F-35 fight ain't over by a long shot!

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