Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chief of Staff Kelly spoke and I now believe both sides got it screwed up...

First General Kelly is one hell of a public speaker.  He told the story of Dunford being his Casualty Assistance Officer and it was heartbreaking.  A reporter asked him about why we were in Niger and I still disagree with his rationale.

But back on task.

Kelly said that Dunford told him (paraphrasing) that his son was doing what he wanted to do, signed up for and was surrounded by the best 1% that this nation has to offer.

He stated that he told the President not to make the call but that Trump insisted that it needed to be done.  Additionally the story above is what he told Trump when asked how a phone call should be done.

He went on to say that Trump was not disrespectful but tried his best to relay comforting words to the family.

I paused hard when I heard that.

Trump tried to mimic the conversation that Kelly had with Dunford when he was being informed of his son's death.  That little diddy about Kelly's son doing what he wanted to do, signed up for and being surrounded by the best the nation has to offer probably came out in typically Trump fashion.

All wrong.

So what actually happened?

I think both sides got this screwed up.  Trump fumbled and bumbled his way thru a conversation with a family that was in the midst of despair and the family misunderstood Trump's attempt at comforting words because of how he presented them.

This whole thing is fucked up.

Time to let the family absorb this in private and hopefully one day be at peace.

I'm done with this whole affair.  Quite honestly I feel dirty.  This whole thing has been one massive clusterfuck that did nothing but tear the country up just a bit more.

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