Thursday, October 19, 2017

China's President all but said war with the US is inevitable...

via The Guardian.
Xi Jinping has heralded the dawn of a “new era” of Chinese politics and power at the start of a historic Communist party congress celebrating the end of his first term in office. Speaking in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, at the start of the week-long 19th party congress, Xi told delegates that thanks to decades of “tireless struggle” China stood “tall and firm in the east”. Now, Xi said, it was time for his nation to transform itself into “a mighty force” that could lead the world on political, economic, military and environmental issues.
Drink this in.

The Chinese leader is being culturally correct in this statement and you have to understand Asia to read between the lines.

This is just short of a declaration of war.

What do I mean?  He has announced his intent to lead the world.  This is a statement of Chinese manifest destiny that is all over their internet.  The Chinese truly believe that the world is theirs to rule and that all others must submit to their "dictates".

Disputed islands?  Not if China has a historic claim.  Resources in far off lands? They will cooperate if possible, take if they must.  Cooperate with the West?  Only if its on their terms.

Russia isn't the threat and might well be the key to containing China.  We need to dump the Russia-phobia and concentrate on the real threat.  That threat is in the Pacific and its the Red Dragon, not the Bear.

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