Thursday, October 26, 2017

Diplomacy with North Korea looks to be on its 'last legs' as Trump openly ponders war

via Business Insider.
Multiple US government and congressional sources have said US diplomatic efforts with North Korea stand on their "last legs" as Pyongyang threatens more nuclear tests and Washington ponders all-out war.

The sources told NBC News on Wednesday that the efforts of Joseph Yun — a top US diplomat working with North Korea — to find a diplomatic solution to the missile crisis have all but completely broken down.

A US official told NBC that the sides have reached an impasse, a s North Korea apparently pursues completing its nuclear missile program above all else, and the US repeatedly states that it won't tolerate a nuclear-armed North Korea.

"It is not so much that North Korea is shutting down, it’s that the message from the US  government is, 'surrender without a fight or surrender with a fight,'" the official said. Another added that diplomatic efforts are on their "last legs."
Story here. 

Right on schedule. My prediction stands.  This winter.  Late this year, early next.

Expect some type of modified shock and awe.  They'll be massive strikes but targeted at a few sites.

I doubt very much that you'll see ground forces used...I don't think they'll actually try a decapitation raid...maybe a couple of MOABs dropped on the little fat dude but no Ranger/MARSOC raid into hell.

What I find funny is that everyone thinks that Trump is pushing this. 

He isn't.

He is taking the advice of his generals and Dunford practically shouted at the top of his lungs that N. Korea having nukes was unacceptable and that a fight would be necessary.

I'm sure they're planning to minimize escalation and I'm sure there are serious talks with China to determine their actions.  Same with Russia.

Oh and for our allies? 

You can bet that they're gonna assemble at least one airplane, servicemember and ship from as many nations as possible to make this look like a united effort and to give the illusion of legality to the upcoming fight.

My fear?

I think they'll go after Seoul and our bases in Okinawa with conventionally tipped ballistic missiles.  There are some service people that haven't got the memo and brought their families to a war zone and because the services don't want to give away the store they'll be considered a reasonable risk if things go bad because an evacuation would warn the North.

Side note.  Do you think that Trump would actually do the Transgender ban unless the military told him to?  Dude just doesn't care that much about the issue and his New York sensibilities would have him leave it alone.  He acted for the service chiefs.  Same with the recall of pilots.  The SecAF can lie and say that they won't use it but Trump didn't pull that out of his ass.  All this is part of the war prep.  Integrating transexuals in this environment would be too hard during a big war and the pilots thing is obvious.  As far as I'm concerned War has already been declared.

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