Tuesday, October 31, 2017

French Army, U.S. Marines conduct tank training....pics by Lance Cpl. Damarko Bones

The Commandant should have flown every Armor Officer in the Marine Corps (tanks, AAVs,and LAVs) down to this event so that they could be better informed on the possibilities of a REAL mobile gun system as employed by our allies.

Even better is that it's the French!  The Italians are big into it now, but the French have been the "keepers of the flame" when it comes to wheeled vehicles mounting big guns (with the exception of the Russians...but we're talking within NATO).

Doing exchanges with the US Army and how they employ the MGS Stryker just won't tell us as much.

I'd be real interested in knowing how Marine Tankers felt the French vehicle stacked up...mobility and firepower wise...and if they think a similar vehicle based on the ACV would be useful in future Marine Corps operations.

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