Tuesday, October 03, 2017

From Oklahoma bombing to the Sandy, Aurora, Orlando and Las Vegas shootings...we're building up to something evil...

Do you know what's so stunning about all the incidents listed above (except for one)?  All of them are certifiably cases of domestic terror/mass homicide.

I included the Orlando shooting because of the circumstances surrounding that attack.  A crowded nightclub.

They all have several things in common that I'll leave to crime analysts to comb over.  What I want to focus in on is the evolution we're seeing here.

The weapons haven't evolved all that much.  What we're seeing is an evolution in the tactics employed by the killers.  I personally thank God that no prior military/vet/retiree has put his brain to work devising an attack on fellow Americans.

That would be a truly horrific affair.

But if past is prologue then we can expect the next attack to be even more deadly than this one.

So what does the future hold?

A reader talked about it and I agree.  We're evolving to eventually seeing the fight that will test a local SWAT team to the limit.

We're gonna see a fire team of shooters.

If they're trained, have experience and practice/rehearse the attack then it will be beyond bloody.  It will be hell on earth for whatever city is targeted.  Think about it like this.  Let's say someone decide to target a medium size city in the heartland that might be viewed as vulnerable.  Let's take Little Rock as our example.  You have four people running around targeting first the movie theater.  The block all exits and sweep the building till nothing is left alive.  They have a time on target of 5 min then they exit, make to their rendezvous point and move on to the next target.  This time they hit a shopping center. Same action on objective.  Finally they hit a rally point, disperse into different vehicles and take a drive to Shreveport.  Once there they continue the attack using the same tactics.

Lets assume they're fanatical in this mission so if one is captured the rest continue.

They could be on a cross country shooting spree that would leave authorities stunned and behind the power curve.

The country would be traumatized.  An attack of the kind I'm describing could essentially freeze the economy.

I wonder if the Power That Be would declare martial law just to calm the public and perhaps enhance their ability to track and capture these guys?

It really doesn't matter.

An attack of this magnitude would be a nation changing event...and I think something like it is coming.

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