Sunday, October 15, 2017

Iraq is the pus filled tumor that won't heal...Reliable Kurds battling Waffling Iraq Govt.

via France 24
The presidents of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan held talks Sunday to defuse an escalating crisis, after a deadline for Kurdish forces to withdraw from disputed positions was extended by 24 hours.

Thousands of Iraqi troops are locked in an armed standoff with Kurdish peshmerga fighters in the oil-rich province of Kirkuk, amid spiralling tensions following last month's vote by the Iraqi Kurds for independence.

The crisis is raising fears of fresh chaos in Iraq just as the country's forces are on the verge of routing the Islamic State group from the last territory it controls in the country.

Kurdish forces, who were key allies in the US-backed offensive against IS, are refusing to surrender positions they took during the fightback against the jihadists over the past three years.

Iraq's central authorities had demanded the Kurds withdraw from disputed areas overnight but the deadline was extended by a day following talks.

“It is basically a political standoff and a military standoff. Both sides… cannot afford to back down, 
Story here. 

So what do we have here?  The Kurds and Iraqi Govt forces are fighting?  Yeah. Just fucking perfect.

If you want to know why I so despise the Neo-Cons and globalists in the govt then point to this as just one small example.

Everyone and their mother has been filling my in box with news of this fight but to be honest I've been waiting to see what CentCom would come out with. I even held out hope that Tillerson would engage.

To show you how desperate I was for some type of action I was on this issue then check this out...I was waiting for Ivanka's husband to even step up to the plate.

It's quiet as a grave at midnight.

Not one fucking word.

US troops are on the ground and in the air and our policy makers and even combatant commanders are dazed and confused.


This fucking region of the earth is like a pus filled tumor that won't heal. 

We solve one fight (ISIS) by mistake (thank you Russia and Assad) and what happens next?  One reliable ally (the Kurds) are taking up arms against a wavering, idiotic, and down right stupid ally (Iraqi Govt).

I've personally had enough.

Will someone tell me again why this region is so important to the safety and security of the United States?  Will someone please tell me why it's worth one more drop of American blood or one more cent of our money?

If you can't do it without heading off into fairy land with talk of democracy and self determination and other nonsense then you can't convince me of a thing.

These people and this region just ain't worth it.

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