Monday, October 09, 2017

MH-53E Sea Dragon during hurricane relief by Petty Officer 3rd Class Levingston M Lewis

It took forever but the Pentagon has finally ramped up relief efforts.  I hope this is a lesson to them.  They can keep pushing light weight relief efforts but that only works in the planning room.  Sooner or later you're gonna see a US city get hit and hit hard.  The flooding in Houston or the broken levees in New Orleans after Katrina don't count.

I'm talking a direct hit from a storm, earthquake....some kind of disaster that is going to render local authorities completely powerless and the Pentagon being called in to fill the gap.

Unless they shake themselves from this small unit religious movement then they're gonna find themselves behind the power curve again.

How this could be applied to combat against a peer opponent is obvious.

Excuse me while I bring out my drum.  Ok.  The beating starts...small units will be found, fixed and destroyed on the modern battlefield!  Any unit smaller than a Company (and even a Company under certain conditions) is vulnerable...even against terrorists.

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