Thursday, October 05, 2017

NRA just went bat shit crazy. They're for outlawing bump stocks.

Let me say this right off.  Bump stocks are stupid.  Only idiots run them on their rifles and everyone that I know that's serious about the trade would never consider them.  Not even for recreation.

But the NRA just went bat shit crazy saying that they back the idea of the ATF re-examining them because they turn "semi autos into machine guns".


The NRA, supposedly the guardian of our gun rights is allowing the gun grabbers to get their nose under the tent.

If we follow this along naturally then we can expect trigger kits, mags, optics and every other thing that can make a shooter more lethal (in defense of himself or others), accurate (to lessen accidents) or have better control over his weapon (increase defense capability, lessen accidents, and increase handling) to come under attack real soon.

Of course it will be called common sense gun control but its nothing of the kind.

It's an opening and you can expect the Democrats to run with it.

Thanks NRA, you guys are the true Blue Falcons.

Side note.  Some people just want to watch the world burn.  Some people are just evil beyond comprehension.  The Las Vegas shooter was both and probably a whole lot more.  Want to see gun crime plummet?  Enforce gun laws.  Make it stick.  Make the sentences mandatory.  Don't infringe rights but enforce the law.  You shoot someone in the act of a crime then you go away for a long time with no chance for parole.  You do that with all violent crime and watch it go down in just a few years.  People do bad things not tools.  Punish the people, don't demonize an inanimate object!

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