Friday, October 27, 2017

Observation. Weinstein harrassment issue could alter men-women relationships as we know it.

This one has me conflicted and a bit confused.

The Harvey Weinstein drama is turning into a weird mess that could alter men-women relationships forever.  By that I mean that Weinstein was undoubtedly a freak and a bastard.

What he did was wrong.

But I also get the sense that we're seeing some piling on.  Additionally I'm kinda concerned when an old guy in a wheelchair that's as deceit as Bush Sr could be perceived as committing sexual assault with his WIFE right next to him.

And that's the rub.

I would bet body parts that Bush Sr wasn't seeking sexual gratification at the time of the incident.  I would bet body parts that his wife saw the behavior and saw no harassment.

My guess is that he treated his accuser as he would his own daughters and it was taken/perceived in a way that he did not intend.

But that's the rub isn't it.

Sexual harassment is in the eyes of the women you're interacting with.  From what I've seen and heard in classes is that if accused you're wrong.  No if's and's or but's unless you have cameras with microphones or several other witnesses with you.

So the end result of all this could be detrimental to women advancing in society. 

If a man views women as a career obstacle that must be maneuvered around, or carefully navigated if avoidance isn't possible then how is that good for women in the workplace?

I'm not being clear at all and hopefully you guys can read between the lines but this could have HUGE ramifications that no one is actually looking at.

Women have been able to make great strides in non traditional roles because of the aid of Hollywood and the media.  Now it seems that they're going even after those people.

The point is that we're living in a telling moment between men and women with regard to relationships and no one is paying attention (yeah its redundant...I hope another blogger picks this up because it needs to be talked about but I'm an extremely poor messenger).

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