Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Politics Talk. I'm looking to General Kelly on this latest controversy...UPDATED!!!!

By now you've heard the latest Trump misstep.  To me this would be unforgivable if it's true.

I know the guy thinks he's smooth and a people person but he has a missing "empathy" gene.  He's also a bit glib and thinks it's cute.  Finally he likes to play the tough guy.

This thing keeps spiralling though and Trump did his usual of trying to bluff.  What did he do?  He said that he had proof and that if the Congresswoman didn't retract that he would prove it.

She didn't retract.  He hasn't provided proof.

I'm looking toward General Kelly.  He's one of the few guys with stars that still has a sense of duty.  Oh and don't get it twisted.  You can wear stars and push a jacked up war strategy (at least in my eyes) but still maintain your sense of duty (we just disagree on how the war should be conducted).

So yeah.  General Kelly has my trust.  I want to see what he does.  His actions will tell it all in my view.  Trump will push for him to go out in front of the cameras and smooth this over for him.  If he does then I'll roll with him.

If he doesn't then we know that Trump really is as stupid, idiotic, narcissistic, and simply batshit crazy as many believe.



I'm spinning like a top.  I know the Congresswoman is batshit crazy but to lie about something like this? 

And now the father is saying that he did most of the talking and Trump wasn't disrespectful?  He asked about his son needing air support?


Pop sounds like he's either been in the military or is well read.  I will add the dad to the trust list...right along with Kelly.  They're both good with it?  Then I am too.  There is one other uncomfortable truth here too.  For some reason beyond me, black women are totally in the democrat camp. I would hate to think that the serviceman's wife would use this for political purposes along with the congress critter but it's not beyond imagining. And before you slam me for slamming the family of a slain servicemember I'm just trying to figure out motives here.  For there to be two totally different accounts of a phone call is puzzling.  Could it be a mistake and misunderstanding?  Yeah, but the Congresswoman coming out with this instead of the family is suspicious as HINDSIGHT it is.  Might have gotten played on this one or it might be a mistake.  Who the fuck knows.

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