Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Politics Talk. Why The AR-15 Cannot Be Banned

I will never understand why guys run their flashlights so far up. Hope they like buying new lights every 300 rounds!

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It is simple math: the military does not buy enough rifles to keep the factories open, yet those factories are a matter of national security.  In World War II, various nations came to the United States for weapons because they were unable to manufacture their own.  In response, congress passed the Lend Lease Act.  It was through our great factories that the Allies were able to defeat the Axis powers.

With one or even two factories, we would not be able to produce enough AR-15s, M16s, or M4s to protect ourselves, much less help our allies.

World leaders know the United States can supply her allies with unlimited small arms.  Who makes sure factories remain open during times of peace?

While other nations depend on government contracts to keep their small arms factories open, it is the civilian consumer that allows the United States to maintain a constant state of readiness during times of peace.

Unlike World War II, we would not have to retool factories to make small arms.  Those factories are already in place and are supported by the civilian market.
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I don't know about this.  I do know that the civilian market has led to much of the innovation that you see in firearms.  I know that the civilian market IS supporting advances in the shooting science.

But would a lack of a civilian market shut down the US gun industry? 

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