Friday, October 13, 2017

Task Force Wolfpack (2nd Cav & Brit Light Dragoons) conduct 1100km roadmarch to by Staff Sgt. Jennifer Bunn

As currently setup, the 2nd Cav is a light mech infantry unit.  By my minds eye its not even close to being medium weight.  The British Dragoons are without a doubt light infantry.

So the question becomes...why do this?

Neither unit is truly capable of even blunting the nightmare scenario of a push into Europe.  Both would be rolled over and would serve as poor speed bumps against heavy armor.

So how are they deterring aggression?

They MIGHT reassure allies but only those that have no knowledge of military affairs.

I know I'm critical but this 1100km jaunt from Germany to Poland is just a publicity stunt in my eyes.  It's a chance to wave at German and Polish ladies while you zoom down the highways but that's about it.  Militarily its just busy work for the unit and a data point for the European Commander's end of tour award.

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