Thursday, October 05, 2017

The blowback against the NRA has begun.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock then you know that bump stocks have become the hot thing in Washington.  The politicians are wanting to be seen acting after the latest terror attack so they're going after the low hanging fruit of banning those particular stocks.

The NRA (I assume) stuck their finger in the wind and decided that they would support a ban but backwards.  They want the ATF to revise their previous findings that bump stocks DID NOT violate the law and to not only ban future manufacture but to also do some kind of absolute ban with (I assume) voluntary turn ins (that's the Dems that are pushing for no grandfathering of those already purchased) in exchange for nationwide reciprocity for CCW holders.

Well Military Arms Instagram Page isn't having any of it.  Not only did he post the pic at the top of the page but he also put out this statement...
Effective Immediately: I withdraw my support for the @nationalrifleassociation until further notice. I have suspended all support and recruiting efforts. The next couple of videos I have are already edited and have a request for you to join. Please ignore that request. I am currently traveling but will remove the link in my future videos to the NRA website. I will be speaking with NRA leadership soon (hopefully) and if their position is to negotiate in any way whatsoever with anti-gun forces my future support will end and I will resign my membership. 
If you don't know who this guy is, he's a prominent YouTuber, former Marine, former Law Enforcement (might still be a reserve I'm not sure) and of course a well known gun guy.

The backlash against the NRA has begun.

Expect a modification of the stance taken by Republicans and for this to get pushed down the calendar.

The Gun Owners of America will get even more members and the NRA is gonna get a severe black eye.

Long story short?  There is no middle ground in this debate.  There is no trust in the gun community toward the gun grabbers.  The Sandy Hook gun grab attempt has spoiled this issue (the bait and switch that was attempted) for another 20 years.  There will never be a compromise that will satisfy both sides.  The status quo for better or worse is where we will remain for the foreseeable future.

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