Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Thinking about the Las Vegas domestic terror attack...

Just a few thoughts on the domestic terror attack in Las Vegas...

What is an arsenal of weapons?

Watching the news coverage the common talking point is that this guy was found to have an arsenal of weapons in his hotel room.  After they visited his properties they found even more.  In his room we've been told that they found various ARs.  10 is the most common number bandied about.  My question is how many weapons does it take for a gun collector to be considered to have an arsenal of weapons?  Is it 1, 2, or 22?

Combat First Responders are a thing now.

Many won't like it.  Hell I'm not thrilled about it but it is the reality.  Combat first responders are a thing.  A necessary evil if you will.  Many have recoiled at the idea of police arming up, putting on helmets and kevlar and heading out to face the threat.  I can't imagine the shock of Fire and EMT doing the same.  Not out of glory seeking but out of necessity.  The reality is that they're expected to rush into fire swept areas and render aid, retrieve the wounded.  Now they're wearing helmets and kevlar.  Soon?  I can see the day when they're actually equipped with at least sidearms.  Its not just mass shootings that will prompt this move either.  It will be the reality of responding to "less than desirable" areas to render aid.

Candle Light Vigil after an attack?

Its gonna happen mark my words.  Everyone reacts the same after these events.  You see "pray for" and fill in the blank memes posted on the internet. What you will also see is candle light vigils to symbolically unite.  One day someone is going to light up one of those vigils because its a target rich environment.  Humans are herd animals...especially city dwellers.  They're like moths to a flame when it comes to crowds.  I can't explain it but I can see the vulnerability that these situations present.  One day a cunning individual will attack these vigils and we're gonna see a vigil for a vigil.


There is alot to learn from this incident.  Most of the lessons learned will be ignored.  From my seat this is being seen as an aberration.  I see it as a taste of things to come.  We will see what we will see but I'm not expecting anything good to come of this.  I would like to see enhanced security for these type events and security standards being raised for all mass events but that would be expensive.  The expense of added security will not trump the desire to make a buck.  In short lives are cheap.

Be a crowd monkey if you like.  Keep being attracted to every mass gathering if that turns you on but be warned.  You're putting yourself in danger every time you do.  Maybe not from a terrorist but certainly from the criminal element.

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