Monday, October 02, 2017

This is interesting. Iranian tanks move to the Iraqi border to enforce embargo of Kurds...

via War Zone.
Iran has moved tanks and artillery up to the border with Iraqi Kurdistan, close enough to the boundary that they are visible from the other side. The move is the latest in a string of increasingly threatening responses to the semi-autonomous region’s decision to vote in favor of independence, which has drawn widespread condemnation from national governments in the region and failed to win unequivocal support from many of the Kurd’s powerful western allies, including the United States.
Story here. 

Wow.  The Kurds are inches away from being in a serious hurt locker.  What I still don't understand is why the Israelis would encourage this move.  It's almost like they were setting the Kurds up for failure.

The sad thing.

The Kurds are about to get curb stomped and the US will leave them dangling in the wind and this is after they've been the most effective ground force in the "coalition" against ISIS.

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