Friday, October 13, 2017

This Vegas thing is turning into a coverup...Security Guard given gag order...

via SHTFPlan.
Over the last few days Las Vegas law enforcement officials have significantly altered the timeline of the mass shooting that left 59 dead and hundreds injured. Adding further intrigue is the fact that the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino now says that they have their own timeline of events, which diverge from the official story.

On top of that, mystery still surrounds Mandalay Bay security guard Jose Campos, who was shot in the leg when Stephen Paddock opened fire and unleashed some 200 rounds through the door of his hotel room. Campos, who is reportedly not registered to work in the State of Nevada, was scheduled to do an interview with Sean Hannity Thursday night. But just minutes before the interview was to take place, Campos was said to have abruptly cancelled his appearance:
Story here along with a video. 

WTF is going on with this thing?  The Cops rolled out the LEOs that made the entry into the terrorists room but now won't allow the security guard that got shot to be interviewed?

This thing reeks!

I don't know what's going on with this case but it has either been sloppy as hell or they tried to pull a fast one and got blocked. 

Pics of the room being leaked a day after the incident?  LEOs being interviewed on TV just days after?

Now you block the security guard?

I'm raising the bullshit flag high!

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