Monday, October 09, 2017

Two NFL Teams Are Reportedly Planning On Implementing Rule That Would Ban Players From Sitting Out Anthem

via BroBible
It seems that owners are listening to President Trump’s advice and are thinking about forcing players to stand during during the national anthem. According to Shaun King and former NFL player Donte Stallworth, at least two teams are implementing a rule that will require players to stand during the national anthem.
Story here. 

You bastards that said that the NFL didn't allow people to take a knee were wrong as usual.  I stand in awe.  You're worried about 2nd amendment rights but feel ok to trample these guys first amendment?  Even more stunning?  They were NOT disrupting the singing/playing of the national anthem.  They were simply taking a knee.

When they come after your rights and you wonder why you stand alone this is exhibit number one.  When you encourage, participate and endorse the taking of rights for one group, you do the same to yourself.  It'll happen eventually.  It always does.

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