Saturday, October 07, 2017

US Army modernizes the 80's Air Land Battle Doctrine for a new era....Large Scale Mechanized Warfare is back in fashion...

via War is Boring.
The U.S. Army will release a new combat “FM 3.0 Operations” doctrine designed to better position the service for the prospect of large-scale, mechanized warfare against technologically advanced near-peer rivals — such as Russia or China — able to substantially challenge U.S. military technological superiority.

The new “Operations” doctrine, to be unveiled in a matter of days at the Association of the United States Army Annual Convention, is intended as a supplement or adjustment to the Army’s current “FM 3.0 Full Spectrum” Field Manual, a doctrine which first emerged more than several years ago.

Authors of the new doctrine explain that while many elements of the Army’s previous “Full Spectrum” doctrine are retained and updated, “FM 3.0 Full Spectrum” was written when the Russians had not attacked Ukraine, the Army was immersed in war in Afghanistan and the current tensions in the South China Sea had not yet emerged to the extent they do today, Col. Rich Creed, Combined Arms Director Ft. Leavenworth, told Scout Warrior.

“The Army needs to be prepared for large-scale combat operations against potential near-peer capabilities within a regional context,” Creed said. “The operational scenario is different now. We are retaining lessons and experiences from prior doctrine, but we need to address the tactics and procedures conducted by large-scale units to conduct land combat.”
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Wow.  I guess its better late than never but this is gonna take alot of work. First the Army is not currently organized for real deal mechanized operations anymore.

They're gonna have to totally rework the Stryker Brigades and probably either attach much more artillery and attack helicopters or they're gonna need to add tanks to the basic formation.

I'm glad to see this but a bit more clarity is needed if we're gonna get ready for the fight that they seem to finally be admitting is coming.

They need to focus on China.

Russia isn't going to be crossing the gap and raiding Europe. 

China is the threat and its time we focus on it instead of playing cute and acting as if they aren't.

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