Thursday, October 19, 2017

Warhammer News. Americans fear a major war with N. Korea...

via Newsweek
The majority of Americans fear the country will get involved in a major war during Donald Trump’s first term as president, with most people viewing North Korea as an enemy and the biggest threat to the U.S.
In an online poll conducted by NBC News/SurveyMonkey between October 13-17, 72 percent of surveyed Americans said they are worried the U.S. might be embroiled in a key conflict over the next four years, compared to just 26 percent who expressed no concern about the topic.
Story here. 

The psyops is complete.  The American people are properly acclimated to idea of war on the Korean peninsula. 

We can expect a nuanced patriotic theme next.  Not the ham fisted effort by the President to portray a kneeling down when the anthem plays because you're protesting bad shoots by police but a coordinated information campaign aimed at bolstering the US armed forces and supporting the troops (which in turn will actually mean supporting govt decisions).

The wildcard will be China.

I don't know if our guys are into game theory but we have to anticipate what their moves will be to ours.  We have to anticipate that even if they "cooperate" it will be with an eye toward weakening our position in the Pacific.

In light of this news I think that the Chinese President's recent speech was to prep HIS NATION for action in N. Korea.

My thinking is that they will launch an operation seemingly in cooperation with the US to enter  N. Korea and annex a portion of the country to provide a buffer against the possibility of the regime falling if we're actually able to decapitate the North's leader.

My prediction remains the same.

We will see some type of military action this winter...late this year early next.

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