Thursday, October 12, 2017

Warhammer News. U.S. forces in South Korea to conduct evacuation drill

via UPI
 The U.S. military in South Korea is preparing to hold evacuation drills for military families and other civilians, weeks after President Donald Trump pledged to "totally destroy" North Korea if he is forced to defend the United States and allies.

Stars and Stripes reported Thursday that U.S. Forces Korea would hold the drills in late October.

The exercise, Courageous Channel, will simulate the evacuation of U.S. civilians. It was also conducted about a year ago.
Story here. 

This is an ongoing thing and nothing unusual.  I just wonder why would a guy take his family to a country in the past couple of years with all this going on?

I seriously don't understand the thinking of the servicemen and the Pentagon.

If crazy across the border decides to send up the balloon then your loved ones are gonna be caught in the middle of chaos and you'll probably be caught fighting for your life.

Mattis is smarter than this.

S. Korea should have become unaccompanied as soon as he took office.

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