Thursday, October 19, 2017

Whoa! The US meddled in Russian elections?

via Washington Times
In interview after interview with top U.S. intelligence officials and foreign diplomats about the downward spiral in U.S.-Russian relations, one date keeps resurfacing: January 2012.
That month Michael McFaul, President Obama’s newly appointed ambassador to Russia, arrived in snow-covered Moscow and almost immediately began meeting with opposition leaders and human rights activists critical of the Kremlin.
It was a provocative move at a sensitive moment when Vladimir Putin was already seething over perceived American backing of mass protests designed to smear him. The Russian president was also facing a wobbly economy as global oil prices plunged as he struggled to reclaim Russia’s influence on the world stage.
Mr. McFaul, an academic by training and a political appointee, had never served as an ambassador before. The sandy-haired Montana native was 49 at the time, and in the midst of his whirlwind first month in Moscow, he blogged that he’d started things off “with a bang.”
Story here. 

The Russians that visit this page have been saying that we meddled in their elections but I never read anything that corroborated that opinion in our media...until now.

There was alot going on in Europe and the Middle East with those Color Revolutions.

I can call this now.

Trump will be found to have NOT colluded with the Russians and except for some relatively minor sanctions (against Manifort and Flynn) this thing will be allowed to die.

Meanwhile I need to hit the Internet Wayback Machine.  Seems like I missed some important stuff back in 2012.

Sidenote.  One thing rings so true about this.  Obama loved that secret squirrel stuff.  He liked manipulating things in the background.  Can I prove that?  No.  But it is the impression I get.  His love of Special Ops is obvious and its also obvious that he loved the clandestine services too.

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