Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Blast from the past. Apollo 1 crew pray for a safe capsule...

pic via Robert Sullivan Flickr page.

The Apollo 1 crew expressed their concerns about their spacecraft's problems by presenting this parody of their crew portrait to ASPO manager Joseph Shea on August 19, 1966.

You don't know the history of Apollo 1 and the accident on the launch pad?  Go here and drink it in.  The irony of this photo is breathtaking....bonus points if you can listen to recording of the fire without being stunned by the calmness of men about to be burned alive.

Below are pics of their spacesuits.  I'm hoping Sullivan jumbled the caption and they weren't actually still in them...

Apollo 1 astronaut Gus Grissom still in his space suit

Apollo 1 astronaut Edward Higgins White II still in his space suit

Apollo 1 astronaut Rodger Bruce Chaffee still in his space suit

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