Thursday, November 30, 2017

China to send Special Ops Teams to Syria to assist Assad?

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via Zero Hedge.
According to multiple reports in Middle East regional sources, China plans to send elite military units to Syria to advise and assist the Syrian Army in an attempt to root out the country's terrorist insurgency, especially Chinese Islamist foreign fighters who have shown up in increasing numbers in Syria's north since the start of the conflict.

If confirmed this won't be the first time China - one of the five veto-wielding powers of the UN Security Council - has sent assistance to the Assad government: according to previous reporting by Middle East Eye, China began quietly sending soldiers in an advisory capacity into Syria earlier this year to assist government forces in weapons systems, intelligence collection, logistics, and medicine. But this certainly marks a dramatic and more public escalation in terms of Chinese operations in the region as Beijing will reportedly send special forces to work closely with government troops, and likely in coordination with the Russians as well.
Story here. 

I don't know.  I've bit on this and stories like this so many times I should go for a dental exam.

Remember when the Chinese were suppose to be sending an amphibious task force?  Chinese Marines were suppose to join the fight?  Chinese Special Ops were already on the ground and there have already been meeting engagements between them and US Army Special Forces and Rangers?

Now we get this.

Again I don't know, but it does all make sense.

What I can't figure is this.  We have NEVER gotten a denial from the Pentagon or State Dept on previous stories.  Chinese media has been silent too.

That makes me wonder if all the scuttlebutt is true...maybe US and Chinese soldiers have already crossed swords and we just don't know it.

Or maybe it's just a matter of time and Syria will be the first of many future battlegrounds?

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