Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Coup feared in Zimbabwe. You want Africa then this is part of the mess!

via FoxNews.
Rising unease and tension appeared to reach a boiling point in Zimbabwe on Tuesday as armored personnel carriers and soldiers were seen heading toward an army barracks just outside the capital city amid rumors a military coup could soon begin.

Witnesses said they saw four armored vehicles head toward the Presidential Guard compound in a suburb called Dzivarasekwa on the outskirts of Harare.

“There were about four tanks and they turned right here, you can see markings on the road,” one witness on the Chinhoyi highway told Reuters.
Story here. 

Have you looked at US military activity in Africa?  I have and something dawned on me. 

They're mostly operating in Northern Africa. 

If you don't know then that terrain is EXTREMELY similar to what we've seen throughout the Middle East.  As a matter of fact from what I can tell the interactions between people in the region is so high that some even consider it a unique type area...not Africa, not the Middle East but a special blend of both.

The point I'm trying to make is that N. Africa is similar enough to the Middle East to make it a "comfortable" place for SOCOM to operate in.

But if you want to win Africa you have to deal with the whole of the continent. That means dealing with countries like Zimbabwe.  That means dealing with the goofiness we see here.

My plea remains the same.

Don't do it!  At least don't try and do it militarily!  This is a region where we MUST DEMAND that the State Dept takes the lead and not the Pentagon/SOCOM.

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