Sunday, November 19, 2017

Drunk Marines recorded yelling "Fuck Niggers" on Snapchat...

via Splinter Blog.
New videos circulating on social media appear to show members of the U.S. Marine Corps drinking beer bongs, partying, and repeatedly yelling “fuck n****rs.” Because when we send our troops, we’re only sending our best, right?

The Snapchat videos were shared on Twitter Friday by teacher and activist Zellie Imani, who asked, “Is this commonplace @USMC?”
Story and vid here. 

Note to racists Marines.  I know you exist and don't care.  But have enough common sense to not broadcast your idiocy over the internet.

You're gonna get slammed and again.  I don't care.  But you're making the entire Corps look bad because you're a moronic fucking fool.

Keep that shit behind your barracks doors, maybe in the common areas if your battalion rolls like that, or in town with others of your kind. 

But stop doing stupid shit that brings disgrace to the entire organization.

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