Monday, November 06, 2017

Hillbilly mods...Captured M-ATV sporting a BTR-80 turret!

Thanks to Delta Sierra for the pic!

You can call them all the derogatory names in the book...camel jockey, goat fucker, sand nigger (I need to do a serious self check on that one...I've been around guys that I THINK would never call me that but referred to them in that way and I never checked them....have to reflect on that...probably had a bit to do with personal hatred aimed at a group instead of the individuals that committed the acts...self check definitely in order) but you have to give them credit.

They have modified vehicles in such a way that the US Army, Marine Corps and allied forces have begun to pay attention and are putting more polished examples into service (or plan to).

You do realize that this is simply the "technical" concept taken to its logical extreme don't you?

Where this ends up I don't know, but I can imagine a future battlefield where meeting engagements between light infantry riding these steeds is unusually
bloody.  Heavy guns (for the size of the vehicle) and light armor has got to result in terrible casualties.

For better or worse we've come full circle and we're reinventing the 9th Motorized Infantry Division (on a small scale).

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