Friday, November 17, 2017

IDF Chief of Staff: “Saudi Arabia and Israel have common interests against Iran”

via Jerusalem Online.
IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot commented during a rare interview with the Saudi newspaper Elaph on the possibility of a future war against Iran and Syria. During the interview, which was released today (Thursday), Eizenkot also said that Israel and Saudi Arabia share a common understanding when it comes to the threat from Iran. According to him, Israel is even ready to share sensitive intelligence with Riyadh. “Saudi Arabia and Israel have common interests against Iran,” he explained.
Story here.

Wow.  It is beyond strange.  Syria was once considered one of the US' best friends in the region and called a moderate Arab country.  Assad allowed us to hold terrorists on his soil and conduct "enhanced interrogations" there too (the same applied to Libya's Gaddafi).

Now after only a few years Syria is the huge threat?  A magazine even called Assad's wife the rose of the Middle East and touted her forward thinking and how Syria was modernizing and moving toward being much closer with the west!

Fast forward to the here and now and Israel and Saudi Arabia are both plotting to engage in a fight in Lebanon?  They're doing this because they have common interests against Iran?

Sorry boys but I'm done. 

I'm a supporter of Israel but this is making me run cold.  Enough of the games in the Middle East.  I view it as a serious money drain with little return.  I'm good with helping Israel defend itself but at what point do we wash our hands of the situation if they put themselves into a war of national survival and they're the ones that started it?

Don't answer that.  Just drink in this article and tell me we're not looking at another 20 plus years of war in the Middle east.

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