Monday, November 13, 2017

Indian Armed Forces scrap Advanced Tejas Light Fighter & Arjun MBT...

Indian Armed Forces have told the Centre to scrap proposals for advanced versions of indigenous Tejas light combat aircraft and Arjun main-battle tank. Instead, they want foreign single-engine fighters and futuristic armoured fighting vehicles through the ‘Make in India’ route.
Story here. 

Wow.  With regard to the Arjun MBT?  No question they would go this route. That tank was just underperforming and too expensive.  The thinking was solid, the economics prohibitive.  Too many good tanks on the market so producing one domestically was just never going to be a winner unless you had buy in from one of the major manufacturers. The "make in India" thinking is spot on.

As far as the Tejas is concerned I'm a bit miffed.

I've been a closet Tejas fanboy for awhile now and saw it having the potential to be a modern day A4 SkyHawk.  To see that they're not gonna follow thru is beyond me.  I thought they had cleared all the hurdles in it's development and I was ready to see it soar.

The tank I view as being a past due decision.  The Tejas I'm disappointed. Such is India's procurement system.

Note: This will piss off some of my readers in India but this is why I don't follow them closely.  Too much vacillation for my likes.  Programs take too long.  What kills me is that they were able to get the Brahmos done relatively quickly but these other programs have been caught in purgatory for decades. I just don't get it!

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