Monday, November 06, 2017

New Kaplan Medium Tank (FNSS & PT Pindad) Video!

Thanks to Dwi for the link!

It looks good!  But!  I have to wonder about slapping a tank turret on a tracked vehicle IFV/APC hull.  I know it cuts down on development time but I still wonder why not simply take components and build a fresh, purpose built light/medium tank hull?  Because we're talking about a light/medium tank does it negate the rationale or does it still count?

One other thing has me curious.  If you have APC/IFVs that are tagging in at 30 tons, can you really say a light tank can be any less than 40? Weight is going up and the old classification system that we've used for decades doesn't seem to apply.  We call Heavy Tanks, Main Battle Tanks these days and they range anywhere from 50 tons all the way up to almost 80.  If that's the continued benchmark then our IFVs could all be labeled as being medium weight vehicles.

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