Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Ok. Let's talk Bergdahl.

A reader made a comment that I hadn't talked about the Bowe Bergdahl case.

Quite honestly I didn't think I needed to.

Anyone that's been in the military could see where that case was going.  The Army telegraphed it, the former President telegraphed it and the issue of him being a POW almost demanded it.

Let me explain.

First up you have that goofy ass press conference that the former President had with Bergdahl's hippie family.  That whole thing was a travesty, a messaging failure and downright embarrassing, but it also laid the groundwork for what we would see later.

Second, there was a massive uproar from active, retired and veterans not to mention members of his old unit.  The Army made the right noises but they also almost immediately put out information that mitigated his crimes in the eyes of the public....IF you were paying attention.

Third, there was the actual facts of the case as seen by a military lawyer/judge.  Let's take what we know and put it on the table.  Bergdahl was said to have left base and walked around the countryside, only to return later that night.  Not the smartest thing in the world to do but it does NOT indicate that he wanted to desert.  Dude's actions were weird as hell but because he left and came back that indicates that he could argue that his intention that night was to come back!

Next you have to look at his capture.  Everyone wants to put that as part of his desertion.  You can't.  He walked off his FOB, and got captured by the enemy.  In essence you can credibly charge him with one day of being AWOL or even desertion but the entire time of his imprisonment can't be counted against him.


So in essence you have a guy in a war zone that at worst deserted his post, was captured by the enemy and caused alot of pain and suffering because his unit tried to do the right thing and save his sorry ass.

The verdict sucks but anyone that's been in the military could see it coming a mile away so that's why you didn't see the internet erupt when the verdict came down.

Anyone and everyone that was halfway paying attention knew the results of this way back when.

So why didn't I comment on Bergdahl?  Because in my mind it wasn't news.

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