Friday, November 17, 2017

Older guy destroys youngster spoiling for a fight...

Wow.  I bet most of you guys didn't see that coming did ya?  So let's review and see what we've learned.

1.  Size up your opponent.  Young idiot just saw grey hair.  What he failed to see is that grey hair wearing guy was in serviceable condition (from what we could see).  He wouldn't be breathing hard just because he had a sudden rush of adrenalin in prep for a fight.

2.  Dress properly.  I'm talking about the sagging stupidity that the aggressor wore.  Why wearing your pants where they just come up halfway up your ass is a thing is beyond me.  Ignoring the idiocy of that fashion choice if you decide you're gonna fight then its beyond comprehension why you would dress that.  He immediately suffered limited mobility (assuming he had at the very least shadow boxed at home) and in the "walk in" to the encounter he even had to pause to pull up his pants.

3.  Patty cake isn't your friend.  I don't know what young-dumb was thinking but from my chair it appeared that he wasn't really prepared mentally or physically.  That patty cake stuff at the beginning of the fight just set him up for the knockout blow.

In short, you need to properly size up your opponent, dress everyday as if you might end up needing to defend yourself and finally if a fight can't be avoided you need to be prepared to engage and end it as quickly as possible.

I have no doubt old guy sized up young-dumb properly and knew that he could successfully engage him, and in the end he showed mercy.  Young-dumb was out cold on the street.  If he decided to do a finishing move by throat stomping him there is little young-dumb could do to prevent that.

Street fights.  Avoid if possible but if you can't then fight hard and fast and finish it quickly.

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