Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Stop looking at HQMC and start watching the Fleet Marine Force! They're doing work! (photo by Sgt. Aaron S. Patterson)

I've been going over my blog roll this morning (well really my feed) and I've been drinking in all the images of Marines doing the "Marine Thing".

It's beyond awesome.

The complaint remains the same.  Too many exercises.  Did you know that we had Dawn Blitz, Bold Alligator and Blue Chromite going on almost simultaneously?  That isn't counting what Marines are doing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  You're looking at a force that is being worked hard.  Real hard.

And that's the joy and the pain of it.

I've (we've) focused on all the concepts and programs coming out of HQMC (and other HQs) while not paying enough attention to the Fleet Marine Force.

Those boys are doing work!  Good work!

We need to remember that and we need to make sure that they're on our minds, especially with wars and "rumors of wars" looming all around.

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