Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"The Marine Corps Way Of War" Book Review...and a book giveaway!

Hey gents.  This is the long awaited second half of my review of the book, "The Marine Corps Way Of War".

I told you earlier that the first half was outstanding and that if the second half was even middling that I'd highly recommend the book to my readers and would pen a letter to the Sgt Major of the Marine Corps to push for this book to be put on the Commandant's Reading list.

Mission accomplished in a huge way!

This book has struck a nerve in me in ways I did not expect. 

Somethings need to be experienced and this is one of them.  I (arrogantly) like to think that when it comes to "all things Marine Corps", I might not be at expert level but I definitely advanced.

I had to rethink that after reading this.

This is part textbook, part history book with a big dose of "why" things went down the way they did.

If you're an Iraq Marine then you will get better insights into many of the fights you were involved in.

If you're a armchair Marine Corps historian you'll get a view of not just the frontlines but also a glimpse into what was happening back at Battalion and Regiment.

This is a must read boys.  Doubt me on many things but don't doubt me on this.

Quick side note.  You wonder why it took so long to get this out to you?  That unexpected bout of illness knocked me to my knees in ways I didn't expect. But that's just a part of it.  This is the next thing that has me jazzed about this book.

I've yelled to the rooftops for someone to explain to me why this "aviation centric" Marine Corps that all seem to be pushing is the way forward.  I've sat in my chair and easily punched holes in it and I'm sure some Majors and Lt Colonels have done the same at Quantico.

That's why the Afterword to this book shook me so bad.

I got what I wanted and at first I was enraged.  I read the author's words, punched walls, screamed at the moon and walked in the woods hoping a bear would pop out so I could throat punch the beast.

After I took a beat.  Composed myself.  Reread and analyzed his thinking...his thoughts...his message.  I realized that I got what I needed.

This books gives a nice how and why to how the Marine Corps conducts military operations.  Even better it gives a glimpse into where we're going.

Am I now onboard with the aviation centric Marine Corps?  No.  I'm not.  But I have a better understanding of the institution I love, the war that has cost so many so much and how we, the United States Marine Corps does the Marine "thing".

Well done.  Well written.  Highly recommended.

Book giveaway.  The publisher has been good enough to provide a copy of the book to give to a reader.  If you've read this far then you're in by just responding to this blog post.  I'll do the drawing on Friday a blog post in the open comments daily will inform the winner so they can get me their info to pass along so the book should arrive by Christmas.  For those that don't win? Buy it!  It's nicely priced and well worth your dimes!

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