Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This is the next reason for war in Africa? Slave trade in Libya (still ain't worth the fight)....

via Vanguard.
Libya’s UN-backed government says it is investigating allegations that hundreds of African refugees and migrants passing through Libya are being bought and sold in modern-day slave markets.

According to reports, the trade works by preying on the tens of thousands of vulnerable people who risk everything to get to Libya’s coast and then across the Mediterranean into Europe – a route that’s been described as the deadliest route on earth. Libya is the main gateway for people attempting to reach Europe by sea, with more than 150,000 people making the crossing in each of the past three years. “They [the refugees] are from several African countries and they say they have fled war, poverty and unemployment in their countries . “They have taken a tough journey through the desert and they have paid people smugglers to get to Libya to try to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.
Story here.

Let's go on and rip this band aid off now.  Even if this is true in every way that counts I still don't think this is enough reason for us to intervene in Libya or anywhere else in Africa.

Bad things happen all over the world.  From the United States to Africa onto Asia, S. America and Europe.

If our reason for action is because we see people in trouble then we can start at the Appalachian Mountains and move thru every major city and quite a few rural areas in America before we start focusing on things outside our borders.

Now the thing that is gonna have over half you guys cursing me, calling me a "Tom", a "cuck", a "wannabe" and the rest of the trash....I'm not so sure this is real.

We're seeing the same type of immigrant flow from the Middle East and Africa into Europe that we've seen for the past 4 years.  We're seeing fighting age men.  In the modern age those are not the people that you want to "enslave".  Too much trouble and too little return (and no, I'm not a slaver, have never wanted to be one...just trying to use my brain).

A young guy could rebel at anytime.  A young guy could possibly overpower his "owner".  No.  You wouldn't enslave fighting age men into slavery as shown in the vid. You'd go for women and pre-teen children.  The reasons in my mind are legion but I'm probably in enough trouble for today so I won't explain myself further.

I'm not sure what we're seeing but I don't believe it's what we're being told.  Is this a fictitious case for moving into Africa full bore?  Has the idea of killing terrorists worn so bare that we need a new motive for action?  In my mind it could be.  I'm not calling this a false flag, but I am saying it doesn't add up...I mean really, why now, why not 2 years ago?

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